8' Stick It Anchor Pin and Lanyard System

PN 52364
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8’ x 3/4” solid, reinforced resin anchor pin in either black or white with a T-handle

24" braided 3/8" floating lanyard

84" braided 3/8" floating lanyard

2 x Mounting clips (3/4" C clips)

2 x Stainless steel screws

2 x Velcro rough water safety straps


Stick It Anchor Pins® are for use in shallow water and are recommended for flats boats up to 24 feet or bay boats up to 19 feet.  If you are fishing flats, shallow channels, sand bars, points and mangrove shorelines in 8 feet of water or less you can be assured of faster, quieter and stronger anchoring with the Stick Anchor Pins® shallow water anchoring system.

The Stick It Anchor Pin® 24" and 84" floating lanyard set are strong braided 3/8” dock lines with a 6’ loop on one end and a 1.5” loop on the other end of each lanyard. The smaller loop is for placing your anchor pin through. The larger loop is for attaching to your vessel on an anchor cleat, a trailer tie down cleat or a cross bar in a canoe. The idea is to have your lanyard pre-attached to your vessel before anchoring.

 Use the mounting clip set to easily store your Stick It Anchor Pin® on your vessel.  For best results install mounting clips about 1.5’ in from each end of your Stick It Anchor Pin® . The stainless steel screws need to be seated to the base of the mounting clips so that the head of the screw sits down inside the body of the mounting clip. Our velcro rough water safety straps can be used for added security when storing your Stick It Anchor Pin® on your vessel using our mounting clip set. Designed to be installed under mounting clips, fuzzy side down.

The Stick It Anchor Pin® is so simple to deploy.  Just attach it to your vessel with our floating lanyard and easily push it silently down to the bottom.  Your boat will remain secure until you are ready to move to a different spot.  No struggling with a heavy, muddy metal anchor! 

Can be used with the Stick It Anchor Pins® Brake Mount or Motor Mount.

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About Us

Stick It Anchor Pins® has been making high-quality and easy anchoring products since 2006.  The founder developed the concept by adapting an old fishing rod, removing the eyelets, and using a lanyard to anchor his boat.  The original owners built it from that simple idea into a successful brand.  A true “American Dream” story.