Stick It Anchor Pins®

Stick It Anchor Pins® are designed for anchoring in shallow waters up to 11 feet deep. Their shallow water anchoring system is recommended for flats boats up to 24 ft and bay boats up to 20 ft.

The Anchor Pins deploy simply - attach to your boat with our floating lanyard or innovative Brake/Motor Mount, then push them silently into the bottom. Your boat stays secure until you're ready to move. No more struggling with heavy, muddy anchors!

The Anchor Pins come in 7, 8, 10 or 12.5 foot sizes in black or white. The complete system includes:

  • Anchor Pin in your ideal size
  • 2 floating lanyards
  • Mounting clips for convenient storage
  • Rough water safety straps
  • Instructions

We refined the Anchor Pins based on customer feedback. They deliver faster, quieter, stronger anchoring for shallow waters.

For flats boats, bay boats, and fishing in 11 feet or less, Stick It Anchor Pins® are the ideal shallow water anchoring solution. Order your system today.

Motor Mount Bracket

The Motor Mount Bracket is a rugged 3⁄8” aluminum bracket that attaches right where your outboard motor meets the transom. It mounts on top of your existing motor mount.

Recommended for flats boats and bay boats up to 20ft with 200hp engines or less. Fits motor bolt spacing of 7-1⁄4” to 8-3⁄4” apart.

Check for clearance from trim tabs, trailer parts, platforms, or any objects near the transom before installing. Can be used with some jack plates, but clearance may be an issue when adjusting.

Comes in black or white. The complete Motor Mount system includes:

  • Aluminum motor mount bracket
  • Your choice of 7, 8, 10 or 12.5 ft Anchor Pin in black/white
  • Neoprene impact cushion to protect handle
  • Pin positioning grommet for easy deployment
  • Mounting clips for convenient Anchor Pin storage
  • Safety straps for clips in rough water
  • Instructions

The Motor Mount allows simple, secure mounting of your Stick It Anchor Pin® on bass boats, flats boats, and bay boats up to 20ft length. Just attach to transom, adjust clearance, and start enjoying the benefits of fast, quiet, shallow water anchoring.

Order your Stick It Anchor Pins® Motor Mount today and unlock the potential of your shallow water vessel.

Kayak Anchor Pin System

Kayak anchoring made easy. The Stick It Anchor Pin® for Kayaks lets you securely anchor in shallow waters without rocking your boat.

At just 3⁄4” x 5.5’, this lightweight pin is sized right for kayaks, canoes, and small boats. Crafted from durable composite fiberglass. Ideal for anchoring up to 5 feet deep.

No more struggling with heavy anchors. Just attach the floating lanyard to your anchor trolley or paddle bungee for fast access when you reach your spot. The adjustable lanyard keeps the pin ready.

The complete Stick It Kayak system includes:

  • 5.5’ Anchor Pin in black or white
  • Adjustable lanyard with snap hook
  • Rubber grommet to position lanyard
  • Instructions

For hands-free anchoring, add our Kayak Anchor Pin Mount. It fits most standard kayak rail systems for a solid, adjustable mounting base. This keeps your kayak locked in and stable.

Experience the difference of our specialized kayak anchoring system. Deploying and stowing the pin is effortless from your seated position. No stability lost.

Join paddlers who’ve upgraded to swift, quiet anchoring without disruption. Order the Stick It Anchor Pin® for Kayaks today and start exploring the shallow waters.

2-Piece 10 foot or 12.5 foot Storable Stick It Anchor Pin® System With Stainless Steel Screw Together Ferrule

Need to anchor in deeper waters but have limited storage space? Our Storable Stick It Anchor Pin® is the ideal solution.

This innovative 2-piece system lets you easily assemble and deploy a 10 or 12.5 foot pin then detach for compact storage. It uses a durable stainless steel screw ferrule to connect the sections.

The Storable Stick It works great when a longer pin is needed for maximum hold but ability to break down is important for stowing the boat.

Crafted from reinforced polyester resin, it remains sturdy and rigid when assembled. The ergonomic T-handle provides comfort and control.

The 10 foot Storable Stick It includes a 3 foot handle section and 7 foot tip section.

The 12.5 foot model includes a 5.5 foot handle attached to a 7 foot tip.

While super convenient, the screw ferrule only works with the floating rope lines. It is not compatible with our motor, brake or pontoon mounts which require a permanent epoxy connector.

When you need serious anchoring performance but want the portability of a smaller size, choose our Storable Stick It. Enjoy the best of both worlds - easy handling and deep water grip.

Order the Storable Stick It Anchor Pin® today and be ready to quickly assemble for rugged anchoring then take apart for compact storage. Convenience and performance combined.

10 foot or 12.5 foot Stick It Anchor Pin®  with Stainless Steel Epoxy Tube Connector

Need an extra sturdy one-piece 10 or 12.5 foot Stick It Anchor Pin® but want to avoid high shipping costs? Our Epoxy Connector Pin System is the solution.

This innovative kit lets you easily assemble a long-lasting, heavy duty Stick It Pin without paying over $300+ for direct shipping of lengthy poles.

We provide one pole section with a stainless steel epoxy ferrule attached. Use the industrial epoxy included to permanently connect it to the other section we ship separately.

After bonding overnight, you have a durable 10 or 12.5 foot reinforced polyester resin Anchor Pin ready for superior anchoring performance. It retains the strength and rigidity of our one-piece pins.

The epoxy connector creates a permanent bond, allowing use with all our mounting brackets except the Brake. It cannot be detached like our screw-together Storable Stick It.

But you avoid the prohibitive shipping costs of a fully assembled long pole. Plus you can feel confident your pin won't loosen or separate when anchoring in deeper waters thanks to the permanence of the epoxy.

When you need the power of our longest one-piece Anchor Pins without the shipping headache, choose the Epoxy Connector Pin System. Enjoy convenience, cost savings, and uncompromising durability.

Order your kit today and be boating in no time with a heavy duty Stick It Anchor Pin® up to 12.5 feet long. Superior anchoring made affordable.

Stick It Anchor Pins® System for Sandbars

Tired of the awkward hassle of traditional sandbar anchoring? Fumbling with heavy anchors, tangled lines, and constant resetting gets in the way of fun on the water.

The Stick It Anchor Pins® system for Sandbars make anchoring easy. Their simple push-to-set design lets you securely anchor in sandy bottoms without leaving your boat. No more wading to set anchors or drifting into other boats.

The Stick It Anchor Pins® system for Sandbars is easy to install, use, and store. Just set both pins with a simple push - they grab hold securely the first time unlike traditional anchors. As tides, winds and waves move your boat, the pins keep you anchored in the exact same spot. No need to continually reset.

No more wrestling with muddy, heavy anchors. The lightweight pins are easy to handle and eliminate chain slack. Setting and stowing the pins takes just seconds.

Spend your time on the water enjoying fun, not fighting with anchoring frustrations. Stick It Anchor Pins® keep your boat securely in place with no hassle.

Experience swift, simple sandbar anchoring. Order the Stick It Anchor Pins® System for Sandbars today - including two adjustable pins sized for your boat.

Stick It Sandbar Anchor Pins:

  • Push-to-set design sets instantly
  • No more wading or floating anchors
  • Stay anchored even as conditions change
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Made for quick handling and storage

Stick It Anchor Pins® BRAKE mounting bracket

The versatile BRAKE allows swift, easy anchoring from any part of your small shallow draft boat. Its adjustable design mounts to decks, gunwales, or transoms to hold your Stick It Anchor Pin® vertically.

Recommended for boats from gheenos to 20ft flats boats. Made of reinforced UV-stabilized nylon for durability as your sturdy anchoring base.

The BRAKE makes anchoring effortless. Simply deploy your pin from the ideal spot on your boat. No need to sit it in a special holder.

The complete BRAKE system includes:

  • 2-part BRAKE bracket adjusts to different angles
  • 7 or 8 foot Stick It Anchor Pin in black/white
  • Neoprene impact cushion to protect handle
  • Grommet for easy pin positioning
  • Mounting clips for convenient storage
  • Safety straps for rough conditions
  • Instructions

With the universal BRAKE, you can swiftly and quietly anchor from anywhere on boats up to 20ft. Experience simplified shallow water anchoring.

Order the adjustable Stick It Anchor Pins® BRAKE today and start exploring those skinny waters. It secures your boat effortlessly so you can focus on fun.


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