About Us

Stick It Anchor Pins® has been making high-quality and easy anchoring products since 2006. The founder developed the concept by adapting an old fishing rod, removing the eyelets, and using a lanyard to anchor his boat. The original owners built it from that simple idea into a successful brand - a true “American Dream” story. Quad Fab, Inc. acquired Stick It Anchor Pins® in 2021. Operations were then moved from Florida to Greensboro, North Carolina. Since that time, we have added employees, earned new customers, and developed new products to enhance our offerings. More of the same is to come! What has not changed is the commitment to building a long-lasting, quality product and standing behind it with the long-standing tradition of superior customer service. Quad Fab, Inc. continues to invest heavily in Stick It Anchor Pins® to continue serving its broad customer base. All of this while continuing the practices that got us here in the first place. Quad Fab, Inc. is an outdoor products manufacturing company dedicated to providing the outdoor enthusiast market with quality, unique American-made products and backing them up with the best personalized customer service. All Quad Fab products are proudly manufactured in North Carolina. The Quad Fab family of products includes Stick It Anchor Pins®, The Silent Rider ATV Silencer®, and GenSilencer® 

Giving Back

Quad Fab is a supporter of many worthy causes. We firmly believe it is our responsibility to give back to our community.


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