Stick It Anchor Pin Motor Mount Bracket System with 10' Tube Connector Anchor Pin

Color & Mount Choice:Black Anchor Pin and black Left/Port Side Mount
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10 foot Stick It Anchor Pin System with Stainless Steel Epoxy Tube Connector

Shippable assembled one-piece system

When you need the strength of a one-piece anchor pin, but want to use it in deeper water, this system is for you. 

This system is used when a customer requires a 10 foot, one-piece Stick It Anchor Pin where it is not available at a local dealer.  Ordinarily, we would ship you a one-piece 10 foot anchor pin, but shipping has gotten so expensive for items over 8 feet long ($300+).  We have designed a durable solution to this problem.  

Our solution is a 10' x ¾” reinforced polyester resin Anchor Pin connected with a Stainless Steel epoxy-together ferrule and attached to an ergonomically molded T handle.  We provide you with one end of the Stick It with the ferrule attached.  When you receive it you will attach the other end using the epoxy we provide you. Allow it to set overnight and you have a durable long Stick It without having to pay exorbitant shipping prices.  

The Stick It Anchor Pins Motor Mount Bracket is a ⅜” thick aluminum mounting bracket that attaches where your motor meets the transom. It mounts directly on top of your outboard motor’s mounting bracket.  

It’s recommended for flats boats/bass boats up to 20ft and bay boats up to 19ft and with 200hp engines or less. Motor Mount will fit engine bolt spacing of 7” to 8-1/2” inches apart.  

Be sure to check for clearance of trim tabs, trailer tie downs, eye cleats, poling platforms, or any other object mounted near your transom wall. It can be used with some jack plates, but when moving the jack plate, clearance can be an issue.   

The complete Motor Mount system includes:

  • Aluminum motor mount bracket in black or white
  • 10 foot Tube Connector Anchor Pin in black or white
  • Neoprene impact cushion - protects handle from boat rocking
  • Pin positioning grommet - positions pin ready for deployment
  • ¾” mounting clips - convenient way to store pin on your boat
  • Rough water safety straps for mounting clips for extra security
  • Comprehensive instructions.

Installation is easy. Loosen the upper motor mount nut and place Stick It Motor Mount onto it.  Hand tighten that nut.  Then loosen the lower nut and slip the Motor Mount hole over that bolt.  Then, tighten both nuts. It’s just that easy.

Shipping Information

Shipments within the United States are shipped 1-3 business days after order has been received.

  • Orders with pins included ship for $25.95 per box via UPS Ground or FedEx.
  • Sandbar anchor kits ship for $30.95 per box via UPS Ground or FedEx.
  • Motor mounts and brakes only ship for $12.95 per box via UPS Ground or FedEx.
  • Accessories ship for $5.95 per box via USPS first class mail.

Delivery is 1-5 non-holiday business days from date of shipment for the lower 48 states.

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Orders are shipped from North Carolina.

Insurance is included at no extra cost.

About Us

Stick It Anchor Pins® has been making high-quality and easy anchoring products since 2006.  The founder developed the concept by adapting an old fishing rod, removing the eyelets, and using a lanyard to anchor his boat.  The original owners built it from that simple idea into a successful brand.  A true “American Dream” story.