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Does not include 1 piece 10' Anchor Pins or Push Poles

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 Tom Whitley


You have an absolute great product! The motor mount and StickIt Anchor Pin is a perfect solution for shallow water anchoring. I just can't see why someone would spend $1,500 to $2,000 for a solution that costs less than $200. The boat is a 2012 Cobia 21 Bay with Yamaha F150. Thanks again

 Bill Schwabe  Beaufort, NC

Hey Russ, Just put your system on the new skiff I just built and so far I absolutely love it! We were relaxing on the shore yesterday and another fellow with a Majek pull up next to us and had one too. He saw the transom mounted Brake I have and said he would be calling you soon to get one too. I attached a couple of pics, thanks again for such a good product! Bill Schwabe VP Lightning Yachts 901 Sensation Weigh Beaufort NC 28516 ph. 252-728-7817 fax 252-728-7917


Big Bend Coast FL

Review: Stick It Anchor Pin by Captain Dave Lear on APRIL 19, 2012 in FRESHWATER, REPORTS, SALTWATER The ability to remain stationary can be a key to success when pursuing game fish in shallow water. The Stick It Anchor Pin is a simple, yet dependable way to silently position the boat. Constructed of solid, reinforced polyester resin with a T-handle, Stick Pins come in various sizes with numerous accessories, including the new Brake mounting system. I have been using an 8-foot version on my 20-foot skiff for the last year and it holds extremely well in mud, sand and grass bottom. I use the lanyard looped to my poling platform to hold the boat in place so I don't spook fish along the shallow flats of Florida's Big Bend coast. Stick Pins are simple, effective and affordable. I can't imagine fishing without one now.

Chris Sadler  FL

Russ, I think you have a great product that truly works as advertised. I have tried many other options

from pvc, paint poles, ski poles, and other products specifically made to do what yours do but do

not have the small diameter and flexibility needed to penetrate and hold as well.


 Jerry McBride  Stuart, FL

Russ, considering I kayak fish almost every day, often in adverse conditions that force boaters off the water, I can honestly say I've field tested your 7-foot Anchor Pins pretty thoroughly. I have a 7-footer for every kayak in my fleet, and they have yet to fail me in several years of constant use. They fit so naturally on my kayaks' bungeed paddle shelves that I recently recommended to Hobie that they offer your anchors on their web site. Thanks for making a great product, and for helping us out with our charity tournaments.

Jerry McBride

DOA Lures

Lewis  FL

Russ, I just wanted to say thank you for a quality product. I recently purchased a New (used) Scout Sportfish 177 bay boat for fishing the Laguna Madre in Texas. I was a bet skeptical at first but considering $100 vs a $1800 dollar version from a major manufacturer I thought it was worth a shot.... Well, I used the Stick It Anchor Pin from dawn until dusk in 20 mph winds with gusts up to 30 mph. Much to my delight, and surprise, it held all day long.  The Stick It Anchor Pin only came lose one time but was easy enough to put back within a short moment ( I am sure the major manufacturer version would have taken a bit more time to get back into place).  I have a feeling I will be purchasing an  additional Stick It Anchor Pin so I can anchor myself at any angle I choose.

Joseph St. Aubin  Miami, FL

Attached is a photo of my Stick It Anchor pin used here in Miami at the Sands Cut Sand Bar. You guys have an AWESOME product here. I am about to order another one. Also planning to add one to the side of my poling platform down low on my skiff. Here is my website for my boats. Thanks, Joe


Capt. Bob Blalock  Southwest, FL

Good things can happen when you use the Stick It Anchor Pin!! I've used the Stick It Anchor Pin for well over a year now and it comes with me on every trip. I mainly fish the backwaters of Charlotte Harbor and Pine Island. I can position the boat exactly where I need to with the Stick It Anchor Pin and give my clients eaiser fishing and that means better results. It's quiet, easy to use, reliable and affordable. I would highly reccomend this product. Capt. Bob Blalock


Bob Fowler Englewood, FL

We (myself, my wife & my sister & brother in-law) recently went scalloping for the first time in Steinhatchae. We had a blast! We came home with over 5 lbs. of meat. The new Stick It Anchor pin worked great! We were able to troll until we spotted scallops. Driving the Stick It Pin into the sand right on top of the bed. My brother in-law uses a metal anchor pin. He was impressed with the Stick It Pin. He plans to buy one. Do I get a bird dog fee?

Joe Persico  FL

I purchased the Break System from you about six weeks ago. I got the 10" pole and a 7" pole and picked it up at your place to save shipping. Just wanted to tell you the system is working great and I highly recommend it to all flats and shallow water boaters. I almost bought one from your competitor but yours with the 10" pole is almost $100. less and I feel a better designed system. Good luck to you and I'll be watching for any new ideas. Joe Persico


Mark Sweat McAllen, TX

I received my brake system last week only four days after I placed the order, installed it on my transom over the weekend and took the boat out yesterday. The brake works great! It held the boat in place in strong winds and choppy water. It's rare these days when you order something and it arrives promptly and works as advertised. Good job. Mark Sweat



Sonny Trujillo  TX

Just got the 7' from local dealer Ronnies Marine in Corpus Christi,Texas have used it on 21' Majek RFL in 30mph + wins and it held it just like my old would thanks for a great product.


 Paul Hart  Tampa, VA

Awesome job everyone. Received the anchor pin yesterday. My son in law will flip out when he gets this for Christmas. BTW....your products are outstanding. I have a 8 footer for my pathfinder and in addition to the power pole on the stern I can position my boat in any fashion I need. I saw you all at a fishing show and bought it on the spot. Best 80 bucks ever spent on my gear. Merry Christmas!!!!!! Paul Hart


 John Montgomery Springfield, VA

I ordered your 8' model a few weeks ago & have used it numerous times since. It has allowed me to fish Potomac River grass beds with ease. I went this past Saturday and was in 15 mph winds with whitecaps. Once I got on fish, I'd push the pole in, and thoroughly fish the area before moving on. Not only could I stay on a spot while landing a fish, I also wasn't burning up my trolling motor or tearing up the grass beds. You have an awesome product that I know will catch on with the river fishermen here. My buddy Fred Riggs ordered one this week after fishing with me Saturday. I'll keep spreading the word about the Stick-It Anchor Pin. Take care. John


Roy Pride

East Coast, FL

Recently purchased the 8 ft stick it as I have been fishing East Coast Florida for over 50 years. It is great and works even better than stated. Sure would like to have had one 50 years back. The best new product that has come along in some time. Congrats Roy



 Paul Hart  Tampa, VA

Awesome job everyone. Received the anchor pin yesterday. My son in law will flip out when he gets this for Christmas. BTW....your products are outstanding. I have a 8 footer for my pathfinder and in addition to the power pole on the stern I can position my boat in any fashion I need. I saw you all at a fishing show and bought it on the spot. Best 80 bucks ever spent on my gear. Merry Christmas!!!!!! Paul Hart


Chris Slattery  Englwood, FL

I wanted to take this opportunity totell you how happy I am with your product. My best friend and I have lived in Englewood for over 25 yrs and have enjoyed fishing our local waters for some time now. This year we have decided to put those many years to use and compete in SW Florida's local shallow water tournaments.Of all the gear we own,wehave never been happier than with the Stick It Pin anchoring system. The redfish have been jumpy with the cool air and lack of rain this year. The Stick It Anchor Pin allows us to sneak up on these schools, STOP, and fish without them ever knowing we are there. This is the most cost effective piece of equipment on our boat. There is no hydraulic sound and we don't have to drill holes in our brand new boat. Not to mention it is a fraction of the cost of that noisy piece of equipment. I was especially surprised this past weekend when we fished the Punta Gorda Extreme Redfishseries. With 15-20 mph windsand gusts up to 25 mph, we were able to stop the boat and stick it on shallow flats in Bull Bay. We placed 7th this weekend by boating two fish and have a great start on the series because of your product. Thank you for your time, Chris Slattery



Capt. Lee Willis

Redfish Action Challenge Tournament Director

Russ, This is a message that I sent out to 250 folks who boat, compete, fish and use our site. I am truly impressed withyour product. Inthe areas we like to fish, we have muddy, sandy, grassy and shelly bottoms.It worked well everywhere.Thanks, Lee...

This week I had the opportunity to go out on the water with Captain Bryan Goodwin, the host of Down East Outdoors. We conducted some product testing and shot a promo show advertising the Redfish Action Challenge Cups (airing April 9th channel 25 at 7:30 pm).

The product we tested was the 8' Stick It! Anchor Pin. In sand, mud, while the boat was still moving, in high winds, in steady current... no matter what condition... the Anchor Pin held! Very impressed with its flexibility and ease of use. The light weight made for easy storage. This works alot better then the stainless steel "cajun" ancors. The Anchor Pin will bow and flex while maintaining adhesion in the bottom. In fact, one time while using the Pin to anchor we were moving at a pretty good clip and the Pin bent completely over and straighten itself by pulling the boat back to it.

Great versatility. I call it a poor man's power pole. Look, even if you have a Power Pole, these can come in handy for securing the bow from swinging (and save wear and tear on your trolling motor, instead of planting your trolling motor in the mud). If you want one, EJW is selling them or contact me and I'll get you one. They cost around $90 and worth it. Let me know. Captain L. Lee Willis


 Marc Cantu

New Braunfels, Texas

Attached are a few photos from my fishing trip in Port Mansfield, Texas on July 3, 2008. The photos were taken about an hour before a storm, so the water was becoming rough. The Anchor Pin performed its job perfectly, even in these rough conditions. In addition, I decided to mount the clips on the side of the elevated platform. This works well to keep in out of the way. It was a tough ride coming into harbor, but there was no movement of the Anchor Pin while in the clips. I am very happy with the Anchor Pin and would recommend it to any boat owner that fishes shallow water. Mark Cantu

 Captain Woody Gore Outdoor Guide & Writer

Tampa, Florida

What a great idea, this simple piece of equipment is easy to use and holds my 24 foot. Tower-boat where needed. For years, I've looked for something that would keep my boat at the correct angle allowing everyone to fish in the direction needed. Guiding professionally for almost 18 years, you often locate fish in an area that when anchored only the anglers fishing from the bow have the best opportunity of reaching. Now with Stick It I can position the boat sideways so everyone can fish more comfortably. Compared to an anchor I would recommend it to anyone fishing shallow



Michael Monge  Pine Island, Florida

Here's a picture of my son and I and what we caught off of Pine Island using our Stick it Pin. Thanks again, Michael Monge


Josh Harvel

Ft. Myers, Florida

Here's a shot of a nice red I got last week, the STICK IT worked great. He was pulling me into a bunch of mangroves when I slammed the STICK IT into the hard sandy bottom and stopped on a dime. With other anchoring devices I would've still been dragging in the hard stuff possibly losing the fish. Thanks for desiging a great product!   Josh Harvel   Yaknitup Kayak Charters

Adam and Courtney Sanchez  Florida

We love our Stick It Anchor Pin. We have been looking for something like this for a long time and we just couldn't see spending $1000 for a Power Pole. The Stick It Anchor Pin is fast and silent, holds in the roughest conditions and there's no more messy fluke anchor to lug in. We highly recommend the Stick It Anchor pin for any fisherman who would like to make fishing life much easier. Thank you for making this product. ~Adam and Courtney


Sam Hudson  Assistant Editor, Florida Sportsman Magazine Copy Editor

Shallow Water Angler

Mosquito Lagoon, Florida

Thanks Much! I received my Stick It Anchor Pin last week. I had to try it out in the windy, windy Mosquito Lagoon this last weekend. That anchor had no problem holding in hard-bottom/ oyster-shell substrate. A few photos are attached. Sam Hudson


Melbourne, Florida

I was asked to do a product review of the Stick It Anchor Pin by Pete, our Vice President of Marketing. I agreed to test the contraption but told Pete to "be careful what you wish for." I reminded him that I have some pretty strong opinions about flat stakes being used on kayaks. Then I said, "oh wonderful, another pole to stick in the mud." Pete laughed and replied, "Great, you're the perfect person to do this review." The Stick It Anchor Pin is seven feet long with a "T" handle. It's constructed of reinforced polyester resin. The shaft itself is small in diameter and tapered to a semi blunt point at the business end of the device. When you first hold the Pin you can immediately feel the strength of the design. The Pin is flexible yet absurdly solid. The manufacturer claims a tensile strength of thirty thousand pounds and I believe it. For all this the Pin is light, a snap to use and well maneuvered on a kayak. The Stick It Pin was originally designed for powerboats as a quick anchoring device for flats fishing in six feet of water or less. The product includes some really nice accessories. There are mountable clips, and a couple of really nice lanyards for tying off the Pin. When this concept is applied to a kayak there are almost limitless ways to stow and hook up to the Anchor Pin. All the accessories display the same quality as the pin itself. After examining the Pin, accessories and testing the device on the mangrove flats in Broward County, I came to the conclusion that the Stick It Anchor Pin is the "Cadillac of Flat Stakes." If you use a flat stake on your kayak and want the best, this is it. Because of the Pin's unique construction there are some real differences between the Stick It and other commercial flat stakes. The Pin is flexible, not rigid like other stakes. This creates much more "holding power" than other products when staked out in a strong current or chop. The Pin is seven feet long but you can use it in deeper water without a problem. By "deeper" I mean seven feet plus the length of your arm. The Pin works just as well when it's fully submerged. I also believe that some of you more balanced lads and lassies would have no problem using the Pin as a push pole on the flats. I did not try poling with the Stick It because my Ballerina days are over. I believe that The Stick It Anchor Pin is the best pole you can stick in the mud I've ever used. All you Gear Heads please take note. Oh yeah, there is one thing I was wondering. When you call this manufacturer do they answer the phone by saying "Stick It, how can I help you?" Never get out of the boat.



Terrell Salerno  Valrico, Florida

I use my stick it anchor pin in both fresh and salt water. For me it is a quick, quiet and versatile tool that does not spook the fish. If I have a choice, I never use my anchor. Its bulky and noisy in comparison. In addition, for my style of boat I fish alot of small lakes and ponds, sometimes by myself. I use the stick it anchor pin to quickly tie off my boat to shore while parking my car. It's a great product. Terrell



Donovan Anderson  Florida

The Stick It holds my boat in the strongest current! Thanks for the great product!


Pete Wilkins

Tampa Bay, Florida

I Bought a Stick-it about a month ago because it makes sense for how I fish and my fishing buddy hates the clanking anchor, and let's face it for most regular guys a power pole isn't even close to an option, since two of us are fishing, boat position is important to at least one of us. So before getting a chance to use the first pole I went back to see if I was on target, if one is supposed to be good two must be better. Dave at Precision Tackle in Spring Hill Florida (shameless plug) is awesome, he said "he's had several people come back and buying a second pole". Well, he was right, it was nice not listening to the other end of the boat complaining about the anchor noise, all kidding aside, I have fished using a power pole, by the time it stops dragging the bottom and slapping off the rocks... everything around knows something is coming. I used both Sticks today, drifted and used the Stick-it as a push pole a bit, we got so close to the Redfish we couldn't believe it. This is an amazing piece of equipment, it allows me to quietly set up the closest I have ever been to the fish. Stick it , and start fishing, it is SA-WEET!

Thanks for a product that works so very well,  Pete.

Captain Richie Price  Tampa, Florida

These anchor pins are great! I glide into the shallow water where my favorite redfish holes are, stick the pin in and WHAMMO, no noisey chains and metal anchors needed. Everyone who has seen me use this system loves it. I own 2 pins one is great but 2 pins gets me side ways and keeps me where I need to be to get the big hits. Russ, great product, thanks. Captain Richie Price.



Chief Joey E. Smith

Auburndale, FL

Included is a picture of our boat (22 ft. Bay Scout) anchored on the beach at Little Gasparilla. Felt like I was there doing an info-mercial for the anchor. Guys in boats and on the beach kept stopping by to ask what that was I was using to hold the boat like that. We had some decent rollers on the beach Friday, and it held firm. The product is as good as advertised.Deputy Chief Joey E. Smith Auburndale Fire Department

Sue Funk  President, The Adventurous Woman

Tampa Bay, FL

I used my Stick It Anchor Pin today fo the first time while fishing in windy conditions on my gheenoe. I LOVE IT!! What a great product. Sue Funk



Bryon Hughes

Pensacola, Florida

I love the anchor pin and use it every time I fish the flats and get hooked up! This system allows me to work the entire area I just caught a fish from and has greatly improved the amount of fish brought to the boat! As a matter of fact it was a major asset during one of the IFA Redfish Tour events I fished recently, as I was "pinned down" when I caught both of the fish we weighed in and took 7th! It was also a major factor during the last one we fished and took 13th! I have looked into the Powerpole systems but like the versatility your system offers! I have had quite a few friends purchase one and all of them love it! Thanks for a great product! New ideas that really work are hard to come by these days! Capt. Bryon Hughes 850-625-1267

David Scott  Plant City, Fl

Well I picked up an anchor pin at TA Mahoney's on Saturday. We went fishing in my father in laws 20 foot Hydra Sport yesterday and used the anchor pin. The wind was up around 15 mph but it held like a champ. My boat is an 18 foot Roberts so it weighs a lot less than the Hydra Sport so I am confident that it will hold my boat with no problem. Thanks again for a quality product, David


Bob Fowler  Englewood, FL

I like to drift fish in the shallow waters around my home in Englewood, on the Southwest Coast of Florida: Lemon Bay, Turtle Bay, Bull Bay, Charlotte Harbor, Gasparilla. The secret to drift fishing is being able to stop when you hit a pod of fish. Traditional anchors are useless. Steel anchor poles are heavy and inflexible. I've used them. Unless you are almost completely stopped, they don't hold. Not so with the Stick It Anchor Pin. Because it's made of solid core fiberglass, it flexes. This flex creates a friction which allows the pin to grab, even if you're moving. The Stick It Anchor Pin has changed the way I fish. I recommend it.


Neil Taylor Guide Services-Tampa Bay, Florida

The Stick It Anchor Pin is the best of the stake-out devices I've ever had the opportunity to use. From the lanyard to the anchor pin: All materials are first rate. For anyone fishing the inshore flats around Florida from boat or kayak, the anchor pin is a great piece of equipment. The Anchor Pin is very easy to use. It sinks into the bottom easily and has good length which allows for use in deeper waters. Other stake out devices I have used for kayak fishing would not be useful in that situation. Where I'd have previously used a conventional anchor, I'll now use the Anchor Pin instead. When not in use, the Pin is easy to store. The smaller diameter compared to other stake out devices allows it to slide into smaller storage spaces getting it "out of the way." Possibly the very best feature of the Stick It Pin is the "flex." Rigid, stiffer options don't have the "give" that allows the anchor pin to remain stuck in the bottom even in waves, current and wind.    Neil Taylor




Capt. Bear Smith  Crystal River, FL

Hi I'm Capt. Bear Smith of Common Hooker Adventures, an inshore and back country fishing guide service in Crystal River Florida. I have a Power Pole on the back of my boat but since Russ introduced me to the Stick It Anchor Pin my job has gotten much easier. I can stop the boat and put it in the perfect position using the Stick It Anchor Pin off the bow. This allows my customers to make perfect casts with out having to move around the boat for a better angle. It has improved my fishing hands down !!! Thanks again Capt. Bear Smith


Capt. John Dixon  Sarasota, FL

Just wanted to say what a great idea. I have had the pin for a week and have used it every trip. I just got off the water from this mornings trip. We were double and triple hookups with Snook and Reds. My customers where amazed at how easy and simple it was to use. We would have schools of mullet get within casting distance drive the pin down in seconds and be fishing right where we needed. Even in the wind astern it held. It works and will be a standard item on my boat. Thanks again Capt. John Dixon


Capt. Boggy Brian

Ozona, FL

This anchor works great on my 17.5ft flats boat. Light weight, will not chip up the finish. One of the best things, no salad when you bring it in. Every flats boat needs one. We go scalloping in Steinhatchee every year and certainly can't wait to use the "Stick It" this year on our trip. Thanks. Capt. Boggy Brian.




Capt. Dean Hartung

New Smyrna, FL

Great product! We used the Anchor Pin about eight times in one trip. It held great and was very quiet compared to my other anchor. I would definitely recommend it to any one who fishes the flats. "Beats the heck out of throwing an anchor."


David Loger - Back Country Kayak Guide  Placida, FL

I have used many home made stake out poles in the past that have worked well but never lasted a season. When you spend over 200 days on the water each year, your equipment not only has to be durable, but reliable. The Stick It Anchor Pin is all that! It holds fast, is easy to use, quiet and most of all very versitile. The length of the pin allows me to utilize it as a push pole while stalking the flats from my Native Ultimate kayak. Products come and go in this industry but Stick It Anchor Pins are here to stay. Very well made and a very usefull tool in kayak fishing!



Gary Rankel  Hernando, FL

Thanks Russ, for the prompt response in getting my new Stick It Anchor Pin to me. I've used it on both my kayak and 16ft. go-devil boat and it works great on the central Florida flats area around Crystal River. I much prefer it over a heavier anchor for my kayak trips and I also prefer it over my metal pole arrangement on my go-devil because, without the metal to metal contact, the pin is much stealthier, and less inclined to spook my target fish.


Hank Oliver  Land O'Lakes, FL

I love your product. that thing's incredible, just when you think it's going to break or pull, it sticks. Its good to have breaks on the boat. I've been telling everybody I know about 'em.


Mike Marple  Edgewater, FL

I am very impressed with the anchor pin. It holds great! My buddies all want one. Can't wait to see it on the market, and I wish you guys all the luck.




Mike Halunen  Port Charlotte, FL

You've got a great product here. It's easy to use and I couldn't believe it held as good as it did in one foot waves.





Ken Saul  Mims, FL

Held great on the flats. Easier than throwing an anchor. I think you have a great thing going here.



Todd Schlueter  Englewood, FL

We fished Lake Okeechobee in a 21' bass boat up in the shallows and the anchor pin held great! It's real easy to use. It also fits and rides great in the rod locker with the fishing rods.





Capt. Jay Moeller  Oak Hill, FL

This is a great product. Every body on the flats needs one. Holds great works hand in hand with the trolling motor. I can anchor off the stern, the bow or the side of my boat and it will hold me in the exact position that I want to be in.




Tim Jenkins  Edgewater, FL

Great product for shallow water fishing! Anchors off easy and held great caught three reds, 21", 22 and 24 and had a great day. We love the Anchor Pin!






Jesse Read  Rotonda West, FL

Very nice piece of equipment. Easy to use and it holds great. Very fast and quiet, nothing like messing around with a noisey anchor. It was also very clean coming out of the water. I really like the floating anchor lines and oh yeah, it's maintenance free and virtually indestructible. I use the anchor pin at least a half a dozen times in a fishing trip. I can't say enough about this thing - it's great! I will definately be purchasing another one for "total boat control", one for the stern and one for the bow.




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DBA Stick It Anchor Pins

Contact:  Russ Schmidt